Metrolinx de Toronto sanitizando con nuevo producto que desinfecta superifcies y dura hasta 1 año. 

THE TORONTO SUN. Metrolinx is spraying all GO Trains and buses with a new surface disinfectant that lasts up to a year in the wake of escalating concern about the coronavirus, says spokesman Anne Marie Aikins.

GO Transit spraying disinfectant that lasts up to a year.
The pilot project, which launched three weeks ago, was tested on a 12-coach train.
Metrolinx was satisfied with the results and is now in the process of outfitting all its buses and trains with Microbe Shield Antimicrobial Spraywhich is made by Aegis, a company in Yellowknife.
Aikins estimated it will take a couple weeks for their fleet to be sanitized.
“This spray will put a coating on it that prevents bacteria from accumulating on the surface,” she added. “It’s just one kind of extra thing we did. It’s important to do everything you can. It’s non-toxic, doesn’t stick, doesn’t stink and doesn’t stain.”TTC spokesman Stuart Green reiterated the transit authority is in contact with health officials on a daily bases and will change its coronavirus precautionary measures based on recommendations from Toronto Public Health.
“We will decide soon if we move forward,” said Green.
The TTC has distributed hand sanitizers and wipes “throughout workplaces” — not for its passengers on board vehicles and at stations, however — something GO Transit is offering to commuters.
“On the operations side, we have increased end-of-line cleaning and are conducting daily sanitizing, wipe downs of hand rails and straps on vehicles and in stations, including hand rails on stairs and touch points in public washrooms. We’re also looking into options for disinfectant spray applications in vehicles,” said Green.

“These are initiatives we’ve taken ourselves and we would follow any advice from TPH around if, when and how we need to change our practices.”
Councillor Stephen Holyday said he encourages the TTC to use whatever new technologies or cleaning solutions “to be ready if the (epidemic) situation changes.”
“A transit system of this size, you’d want to be first in line to get access,” he said.
Aikins, meanwhile, said Aegis spray is applied overnight and stays on all surfaces, including seats, rugs and metal. The cost should be minimal, she added, as Metrolinx is replacing existing disinfectant with the improved one.

Toronto Sun

Por, 10 de Abril de 2020